We have made significant changes to how our system alerts

Determining pre-market and within the first few minutes of trading that a stock will; have good range, move higher, and have a lot of volume by days end is no simple task. A LOT goes into the process and though perfect is never possible, there is always room for improvement. We believe we have significantly done just that WHILE maintaining our overall move performance.

Major Changes:

1) The number of alerts that trigger long has increased from an average of 54%* to now 76%*.

2) On average, 46%* less stocks are put on watch that do not alert.

3) On average 95%* of the stocks alerted will have at least one million shares traded by days end. 

* Averages adjust by market conditions. The new algorithms performance is calculated using the original tick by tick historical data used by our prior algorithm.

The new system has been operational for over a month now and daily results can be viewed on the performance section of our website. You can also watch it as we post free live vews and end of day results on Stocktwits and Twitter.

Are you a prior subscriber?

If so then you can see the difference free without a purchase. Use the following link to get one week access to our COMPLETE service: