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Without your help, guidance, and software;), I wouldn't have a watchlist!
- Joe

The Stock Horizon Day Trade Alerts

Stock Horizon Day Trade Alerts are 100% automated and unbiased with zero human intervention. Our system monitors NASDAQ and NYSE stocks with a prior close of $50 or less, looking for and alerting ones that have the best trade potential.

Our alerts are presented through our customizable client software Gazer in an easy to understand actionable format, requiring minimal learning curve. It's available on Windows, Mac, Linux (Under Wine), Android & IOS.

Alerts include long and short trigger prices and calculated profit potentials that are designed to work in any market conditions.

Our system uses no traditional price drawn indicators like moving averages, Bollinger Bands, RSI, MACD, and so on. Instead, the system monitors for active stocks and uses a proven opening range strategy that is easy to understand and increases your chances of success.

This is Gazer™:


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Top watch starts functioning at 4:00AM EST.

The first section in Gazer is the Top Watch. Here Gazer will show the top candidates Horizon sees for potential alert when the market opens. It includes the symbol as well as the Trade Balance; An indication of what is stronger and by how much, buying or selling.

Alerts are made from 9:30AM - 10:00AMEST.

Below the Top Watch is the Alert Window. Gazer will populate this window with stocks that could break out or down. It provides a live indicator showing how close the stock is to triggering, the expected trigger prices, as well as predicted prices that it could reach. Additional information is provided to help evaluate if a position should be taken.


By 10:00AM EST, Horizon will be done providing you with a daily watch list. Some alerts will trigger right away while others may trigger later in the day. Horizon will only track alerts that trigger by 3:30PM EST.

For a more in depth explanation of Gazer, see our ONLINE MANUAL.


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