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May 04, 2016
Category: Trade Review

Quick post tonight on the brilliant start we have had to May alerts. Currently we sit at 91% alert accuracy in the first 3 days of trading. This kind of performance is why you…

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Tags : Performance
Mar 20, 2016
Category: Trade Review

Good afternoon. I was looking at our alerts in March and came across an unbelievable statistic. We have provided 80 alerts that have made a double digit gain from the trigger…

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Mar 15, 2016
Category: Trade Review

Our day trade alerts continue to deliver excellent results. This market is very tradeable and I love the range we are seeing. Today we were 11 out of 11! This moves us up to 82%…

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Tags : Performance
Mar 08, 2016
Category: Trade Review

Another really good day as the market tanked on the 25% drop in China export news. If you were a member of our day trade alerts package, then you would have had nothing to fear as…

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Tags : Performance
Feb 18, 2016
Category: Trade Review

There was a lot of stocks that were alerted today and that is a really good sign, as it means we're getting some volume back in the market. Check out all of yesterdays alerts…

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Tags : Performance
Feb 02, 2016
Category: Trade Review

February market action has stabilized somewhat as the shock of January has finally sunk in. We had a huge 90% month in January and you can read it about it in my blog from Sunday.…

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Tags : Performance
Jan 30, 2016
Category: Education

What a month we had in January. I will give you some of my thoughts on the trading environment later in this article but first wanted to highlight the 90% month we had. This goes…

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Tags : Performance
Jan 27, 2016
Category: Trade Review

Another 100% alert day with 5 for 5, following yesterday's 10 for 10 day. Our alerts are trending at 89% alert success in 2016 which is awesome. Welcome to all our new…

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Tags : Performance
Jan 20, 2016
Category: Trade Review

Another day and another round of double digit gainers where our alerts took advantage of the market volatility. Today we went 5 for 5 with 3 of them being big gainers. Check…

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Jan 17, 2016
Category: Trade Review

Good afternoon. I trust you are enjoying the weekend and looking forward to an extra day off tomorrow as the markets are closed. The first two weeks of trading in 2016 have…

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Tags : Performance
Jan 14, 2016
Category: Trade Review

Nice rebound today in the markets and we had another 100% alert day which puts us trending at 85% alert success for 2016 so far!. Take a look at the four alerts we had today:…

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Tags : Performance
Jan 12, 2016
Category: Trade Review

Another wild day in the markets with some really crazy moves. Just when I think certain stocks put in a bottom, fresh lows. Now more than ever you need to be using a proven…

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Jan 10, 2016
Category: Trade Review

Wow, what a crazy first week of trading. The market was all over the place with some crazy moves nearly every day. There is so much range in the market which makes it great if you…

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Tags : Performance
Dec 21, 2015
Category: Trade Review

Good evening. A bit of a strange day today in the markets. Volume will start to fade off as many take the rest of the year off. At this time of the year there are usually some low…

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Tags : Performance
Dec 01, 2015
Category: Trade Review

Short blog tonight as the market continues to give us plenty of opportunities. Today we had 14 triggers with 5 double digit alert gainers. GIGA Long +32% and RPRX Short +32% being…

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Tags : Performance
Nov 29, 2015
Category: Trade Review

Our November alerts have been amazing. November price action, volume, and range has been excellent. I cannot wait for December trading, which is usually another brilliant month.…

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Tags : Performance
Nov 22, 2015
Category: Trade Review

We have one week left of trading and this coming week we will see some major runners. We always do around the holidays as low float stocks take off. November, has been…

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Nov 19, 2015
Category: Trade Review

Man, I did not think this week could get an better and then we had today. 14 of 16 alerts were successful but 9 were double digit alert gainers. We have had a killer week and I…

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Tags : Performance
Nov 17, 2015
Category: Trade Review

Another awesome day with 8 out of 9 alerts successful and more huge runners like KBIO +63% today after yesterdays 236% alert gainer! Here are todays's results: KBIO Long…

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Tags : Performance
Nov 14, 2015
Category: Trade Review

Another nice day of double digit alert gainers on Friday. The last week of trading has been pretty decent with some really nice setups and alerts that makes trading a lot more…

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Tags : Performance