CBMX Gained $4.33 From Our Alert Today - Take Our 2 Week Free Trial

Feb 21, 2013


Another amazing winner for our subscribers. Gazer alerted at 9:34 A.M and it ran up $4.30 for a huge gain of 129% today.

Check out the chart below and the opportunities our subscribers had to profit from this amazing run.

This is another impressive gainer from our alerts. Check out our performance HERE to see all of our alerts.

We offer a no obligation free two week trial. To get an edge in your trading and get alerts like CBMX click HERE today.

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I have been trading since 1998 and this is the first testimonial that I have written....Came across StockHorizon when they first put out their beta test version of Gazer some months back...I traded the alerts and was impressed with the performance. When the test was over I was excited to become a subscriber.
- Carole

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