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What you get when you use the Stock Horizon System:
Automated Alerts
100% computer generated real time unbiased trade alerts
Long And Short Alerts
Actionable alerts you can profit from both sides of a trade in any market conditions
Trigger Prices And Profit Potential
Spells out prices stocks could trigger at with defined profit potential
Watch List
A watch window designed to be your daily day trade stock watch list to organize the hectic open for you
Opening Range Trading System
Start trading alerts immediately with a proven widely used system
Voice Notifications
Innovative voice alerts spell out real time events so you can focus on what you are doing and not have to check another window
Active Stock List
A 24/7 dynamic watch list, ranking stocks in real time that are likely to be in play on a given trading day. Designed for all types of traders!
Watch List Time Saver
Making watch lists takes CONSIDERABLE time each night to build and often you end up watching stocks no one else is. Save time each night by only looking at stocks others are watching
Pre-trading Day Stocks To Watch
Get advance notice of the stocks you need on your radar as early as THE DAY BEFORE they trade
Live Stock Filtering
Filter for stocks that meet your pricing and exchange (NASDAQ / NYSE) preferences
Support / Resistance Lookup Tool
Get daily predicted support and resistance level for any stock: NYSE, NASDAQ, OTC
Intraday Stocks To Watch
As the day progresses, get updates on active stocks with high exposure
Access To New Services
Should we develop new services, they are included with your access free!
Responsive Customer Service
Quick to respond to technical needs and utilization questions, we are here to help you and answer questions in a timely manner
Multiple Platforms
Runs on multiple devices: PC, Mac, Android, IOS, Linux
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I have been trading since 1998 and this is the first testimonial that I have written....Came across StockHorizon when they first put out their beta test version of Gazer some months back...I traded the alerts and was impressed with the performance. When the test was over I was excited to become a subscriber.
- Carole

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